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Humility of Jesus

   Jesus could have been as God doing this task, but only God has a reason for coming as Jesus to the world and for them to understand his creation, the Jews and the Gentiles. He had to become nothing. We have to become nothing to recieve. We have a problem with self. Self is an enemy of Christ. It is just like pride. Pride says, "I'll do it my way." Self wants everything its way. He became a servant and did not come to be served. He left us an example to be followed. He also taught servant-leadership. He knew that humility comes before honor. He knew that you had to become humble. He demonstrated this by starting out with nothing on earth and with everything in the kingdom of heaven. He obeyed God. He knew that you had to go down to go up. He didn't want his own way. He chose to submit to His master so that He could please Him and be rewarded. Look at the story of the ten minas. Basically, if you do even better with what you have been given and give it to the master, He will be overjoyed and you will more than likely be rewarded. This is the way of Jesus Christ.

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