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The Cross

   To take care of carrying your cross, you must deny yourself and depend on God. You need to put the 'old man' to death, which is by surrender him to death so that Christ can make him in the 'new man'. The 'old man' has died with Jesus on the cross. Now, Satan, whose law that you have died to wants the 'old man' back because he wants to destroy us. We can't let that happen, so it is important that we abide and remain in Christ. And we need to do it daily. If we follow Him, we go on the narrow path and the narrow path is the path that leads to life. We also need to believe in heaven which is the goal for the end of our earthly lives. We must also refrain from the self's and the world's way of thinking because if we don't we slow our spiritual progress. Carry the cross. It is a requirement.

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