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Broad and Narrow
difficult and leads to lifeleads to destruction
  • leads to the kingdom of God
  • requires obedience to Christ
  • few find it
  • requires self-denial
  • following religion
  • those who act like Christians
  • those who do not follow Christianity
  • those who follow Churchianity

   I will tell you this. Man likes to worship himself. Society says that it is impotant to take care of number one. Jesus told us to take care of each other. Jesus wanted us to be a family.

   The narrow path leads to life. The broad path leads to destruction. To be honest, we want to choose the narrow path. Many people want to take the easy path to Christianity, but there is no easy path to Christianity. Do you remember that Sinner's Prayer that is provided to many when they come into the church? That is not God's way. God requires you to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus. Let's examine these three:

  1. Deny self: This means that you must place Jesus over yourself.
  2. Take up your cross: Get rid of your 'old man' (your old life) and live the new life ('new man') the Christ life. You are now walking with Christ. Read the Gospels and the New Testament to figure this one out.
  3. Follow Christ Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself. That doesn't mean love yourself and your neighbor too, but it means that you need to love your neighbor as if he were you.

   Self is an enemy. You have self-love, which is pride which says, "I will do this my way instead of Christ's." You also have self righteousness, which is someone who says that they are righteousness and they are perfect and do not need discipline. Then, there is self-reliance, which says, "that I have all that I need and I don't need you." All of these people are walking on the broad path.

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