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A Constantine Sunday

   Some people debate about what Constantine did whether it was good or bad. In my opinion, his fruit did not produce well. He was pagan in the beginning and introduced paganism into the Christian (Churchian) religion. Do you know how you can tell if something works out for good? That is, if it produces good fruit. Anyway, Constantine claims that he had a dream where he saw a cross in the sky and there was a message in the sky that said, "In this sign conquer!" Now, I believe that God uses people but I also believe that we all have dreams. He controlled church and appointed bishop who were of his liking and gave them tax-exempt benefits. He retained the title as Pontifex Maximus, which means 'chief of the pagan priests'. He instated Sunday as the day of worship, which is the same day as the worship of his sun god. He also became a pope. I believe that any day is a day of worship and if He wants to conquer, then Constantine needs to follow the will of Jesus Christ, which is to be a servant and not be served.

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