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The Thyatira Spirit

   The Thyatria spirit is the same as the Jezebel spirit. The people are friends. They follow the ways of Christ. They do what the Bible tells them. And they believe in the rules of endurance and perserverance. However, they follow the rules of sola ecclesia and Churchianity. They are all about the church. Now, the church is not supposed to be in charge. God is. If God is not in charge, then man is. And when there is man in charge, you have religion and legalism. Religion is filled with rites and rituals that man has made up. Many of these make man feel better. This may shock you, but God did not build the church, but He did build the ekklesia. The Thyatria church is the church. The ekklesia is the church family who have been called out by God from the world. The ekklesia is a family. The church is a building where man is in charge and people dictate what goes on in the church meeting. There is a difference. The pope is a Thyatira leader because he claims to be the vicar of Christ. Here, man is in charge, not Christ. When man is in charge, entropy happens, but when God runs the 'ekklesia', we will always be headed in the right direction.

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