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Trust in Him

   We need to depend on God. He is the way, the truth, and the life. We feed and drink from Him. He is our life source. We need to be interdependent from each other. That means that we need to depend from each other. We are a body and each cell, tissue, and organ work together to have a living organism. In fact, the church (ekklesia) is a body. It is a body of Christ. We need each other. No Christian can go alone (or, at least, it is not a good idea). Now, if you want to be independent, it is not a good idea, because you are relying on yourself to make it. We need each other. You can be independent, but it is harder to grow. We all need to trust God because He is the way that we grow. We could have a body but that does not mean that we will have life. A body must have life to be alive and spiritual. We need God's breath of life. Another thing is that we need to trust in Him. Again, He is our lifesource. WIthout Him, we are as good as dead.

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