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This Life Is Short

   This page has much to do with the apocryphal doctrine of 2 Clement 6, although it reminded me of what really is going on. One of the verses said that the future and this age are enemies. I find that to be true. If you build up your life in this world, in the future, you may have nothing. You had nothing when you came and you will have nothing when you leave. It does not matter whether you go to heaven or hell, you will not be able to keep what you now possess. Also, what you are in this world will be the opposite of what you will be heaven. If you lose your life in this world, you will find it in the next. If you find your life in this world, you will lose it in the next. Satan is the god of this world. Yahweh is the god of heaven. Yahweh wants you to go to heaven. You do not want to be part of this world. The world is following the broad path. Christians need to follow the narrow path. Now, this is something that we all need to remember. This life is much shorter than the one to come. You will spend the next one for an infinite amount of timne after this one in heaven or hell. Jesus is the standard of where you are going. You need to have a relationship with Jesus and you must be born again because this life is short contrasted to the next one is long and longer and even longer. Think about it.

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