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The Inside Out

   Many articles on this website have been about being an example on the inside. Well, you need to be an example on the outside and the inside! But you definitely need to be an example on the inside. You need to watch what you say. What you say either blesses people or curses people. We also need to dress appropriately. We should not dress in a way that leaves a negative or offensive message to the world. Some people have legalistic standards to how they dress, but God does not care how you dress, just as long as you do it for him and again, it does not show an offensive or negative message. When in doubt, ask God or think to yourself, "how would God have me dress?" And if you get a message, do it everyday. Don't forget that God said that we come to him as we are. Don't forget that! And a message on the outside is being an example. We, as Christians, we need to be the light to the world. This needs to happen not only at church or ekklesia, but every day and all the time, because our goal is to fulfill the Great Commission. So, this proves that we not only need to dress appropriately on the inside, but on the outside, as well.

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