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The Race

   The Christian life is like a race. It is like a race that is to be won. Your goal is heaven. You start out at the beginning. You are an unbeliever and a pagan. But when you pass that line, you are Christian and you keep going and going at a certain pace. God is on the audience side cheering you on. Satan is trying to slow you down trying to distract you by placing potholes and ice on the tracks. Satan wants you to fail. He doesn't want you to have the prize. You have to keep going. Keep going. So that you trip and fall. Keep going. It's not over. You're almost out of breath. Keep going! So, you don't win first place. You tried. There are no losers unless you do not cross that finish line. You only lose if you give up or stop trying. Congralulations, you have just come home! You have run hard and you kept going and you just found out that it was worth it! Keep going!

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