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Super Sectarianism

   If you read Psalms 127 and 133, you will find that Christianity works best in a orderly environment and people working together. Unfortunately, we don't have that. We have sects and we have too many sects. The problem is that we have Baptists, Methodists, Protestants, and the like. But we are also divided even further! There are divisions within the sects. What I mean is that the people are divided. Another problem is that one person of one church is against another of a different church. It like divisions on top of divisions. The church or ekklesia is supposed to be a family but many are fighting like one. We also have the problem with advertising. We get people to come to our church before they go to others and there is also the problem of owning the sheep. This happens in other forms of church as well. The truth is, if we want to go to church, we need to come to Christ, where there is no division and ask Christ as a family of His will. We need to be sheep of His pasture. Sheep have no idea of what they are doing. Sheep cannot run a church. A church pastor is human so there is the possibility of error. Any human, including me, has the possibility of error. That is why we need to submit the ekklesia to Church and let Him be the pastor and we come to His church every day, every hour, as much as we can, so that Christ can get in so that we can grow in Christ and embrace Him. We need to come to Him as an extended family, with an undivided heart and seek God's guidance to where we should walk. We should let his rod comfort and guide us, because we need to be His sheep and none other's.

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