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What Went Wrong?

   The Acts church was going according to His will and everything was going according to plan. So, what went wrong? The answer is sin. The first one is pride. Pride says that I can do it my way and I can do it anyway that I want to do. Another is disobedience. When we disobey, we do the devil's will and also, we say that we will do it my way. Another way is dominion. Dominion says that I will do it this way whether God likes it or not. The church or ekklesia belongs to God. Man should not try to build a or the church. It is not man's job. It is God's job. When man took charge, things started going wrong and for everything that happened, it is man's fault. Because of this, we now have corruptiun. Man is running Christ's church or ekklesia. Christ is trying to get into the church but man will not let Him in. The church went downhill as man started taking charge. The consequences such as people leaving, boring sermons, religion, sin etc. have filled the church because man tried to take control. The solution is to give Christ back his church or ekklesia and surrender it to Him and we will stop being babes and we will grow in Christ.

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