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   This is the first commandment. We are not to make idols of anything. God is what must come first in our lives. God must come first in our bodies, souls, hearts, and minds. Now, when Saul, the OLd Testament king, disobeyed Samuel, the prophet admonished him that stubborness is the same as idolatry. Stubbornness means that the person wants to do things his or her own way. So, when Samuel told Saul that stubborness is the equivalent of idolatry, then Saul was thinking of himself. Therefore, idolatry is a form of pride. It says that I want to do it when I want to do it and how I want to do it and no one can stop me! If you look at the latter sentence, we have an exhaltation of self. Self is the enemy of God. Therefore, I have introduced three enemies: self, pride, and idolatry. When we sin, we say, "I can be God and I will do things my way. We must learn to realize that God is in control and he has the liberty to do with us as he wishes so we do not only need to fear God, we need to fear God. He is in control. Also, if you feel that you cannot do without something or an earthly something, you have an idol problem. When and if you go to heaven, you will have to understand that you must leave all of this earthly junk behind, because if you cling to it, God could leave you with your earthly junk. Lose your life so that you can find it. Let go and let God. I am speaking about the world. The world and God are enemies. If you want God, then your life cannot be in the world.

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