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Murder in the Whole Degree

   Are we our brother's keeper? This is the one question that God asked Cain when he murdered Abel from jealousy. Yes! We are our brother's keeper. What I am talking about is that Christians are responsible for the world. Did you know that the example that you portray can keep others from serving Christ. Many people see Christians as just like the world. They go to church on Sunday and Wednesday and act like the world when they depart. Because we fail to be the example which God has called to be, people look upon our lives and shy away. Okay, so you manage to get them in church, but they see nothing but religion and deadness. So, they leave. Our only solution is to be the example which Christ has called us to be. We are not going to be perfect, but we are to take serious that Christ is not only Savior but Lord. Many people do not take serious James; when he says that we need to be doers and not hearers only. IF we are going to do things not by my way, nor your way, but God's way. Now, about murder. I am not saying that Christians are armed with guns and shooting everyone, but their examples are keeping people from Christianity. If you want to be an authentic Christian, then it is a good idea to be genuine as much as you can be. If you are going to be a source of light, the darkness will come to you and come to Jesus just because they found that light. If they do not find the light, they will remain in the darkness and face the consequences.

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