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Fault Finding Spirit

   A fault finding spirit comes from one who finds fault from another person. He sees something wrong and addresses that issue to that person because he feels that the person has made a mistake. In the Bible, it says that we should not tey to pull the splinter out of one's eyes when there is a speck in ours. Now, sometimes, if the motive of our heart is to help them along, then do it out of love. To do it out of love is to do it kindly and not find fault tell the person what is going on and if they need help lovingly help them along. Do not blame, because you do not know what that person has been through or how that person grew up. Try giving that person wise counsel or wise help instead of reprimanding them. Do not blame. Now, sometimes, they are in rebellion, but still teach the person kindly not to do those things. Now, they may not listen to you. Pray about that person for restoration because God is the doctor for those who are not well (living in sin and are not self-righteous). God will take care of it.

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