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   When we were children, we were punished by spanking by hand, switch, belt, extension cord, jail or the like and whether wet or dry, but punishment never taught us a lesson. Discipline does teach us a lesson or wisdom. God tells us over and over again to do or not to do something and sometimes we have to go through the School of Hard Knocks or adversity to get something right. Sometimes, the latter hurts but we realize that either way, it is good for us. God wants the best for us. All good parents want the best for their children and God is one of those. Disciplining the Christian is good for the Christian because a disorderly Christian makes the whole Christian body look bad. Authentic Christians make good examples. God wants to bring us up in the ways of wisdom so that we don't destroy ourselves. We are like sheep. Sheep need a shepherd and God is that shepherd. Sheep go onto the wrong path without a shepherd. We need to trust God with our lives because if we don't trust him, the devil will do a number on us. The Lord's discipline is good. It makes the wise wiser.

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