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The Sardis Spirit

   This is all about the Sardis spirit. This is the dead church. Now, Christ is the one who gives life. When man takes over, then death comes. Also, when man goes contrary to God's will or in other words, sin, then death enters the area. Unfortunately, there are many churches and parachurches who fit this category because they do not allow Christ to run everything. Now, I am not being self-righteous and I am not God, but the pastor and priest needs to be Christ himself. The clergy needs to be Christ and we all need to be the laity. How's that sound? Well, the truth is, that this is Christ's church and Christ needs to be the head of it. We are the body of Christ. We are meant to edify and build up each other. If we keep relying on man to lead or have any sort of power in the church or ekklesia, the structure will die. Christ must be in charge! There is no other way! Stay alive by letting Jesus have control!

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