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Sinner's Prayer?

   Many churches, when a new prospective convert enters their church, wants 'get more of Jesus', they recommend that they go through some rites. There is also the 'Sinner's Prayer'. I believe that it goes nowhere, unless you pray it with your heart. Without the person praying it with their heart, which unfortunately many people, it is simmilar to an inititation to a clubhouse. Basically, man is getting all of the power. They also recommend that the person be baptized in water by a basin of water or water. These people do not realize that the person only needs to be immersed into the body of Christ. John 3:5 may say water and Spirit, but water is in element of the Spirit. I feel, that the only thing that a person must do is accept Christ as Savior and Lord and live the life of Christ. They should also believe that Jesus is the one whom He says He is. In James 2, faith is believeing, if you believe, then your works and faith must be working together. Works alone leads to legalism and faith alone is dead faith and dead faith is the same as if you never believed. I believe that the 'Sinner's Prayer' is dead faith, but letting go of yourself and choosing Christ is having faith in Jesus Christ, who is God, Himself. If you want to be a Christian, then tell Him that! And tell Him that you want to serve Him! And when you do tell him, trust that He will give you eternal life. As for rewards, you get those by serving Jesus Christ. You don't need the 'Sinner's Prayer', it is only a ritual. Tell Him yourself, that you want to serve Him.

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