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Exposing Errors

   The devil is always trying to pull one over on us. Our problem is that we are so deceived that we do not know what the Lord has for us. Our duty, as Christians, is to expose the troubles that Satan is trying to do to us and let the body know what they are. They are errors because it is falsehood that Satan is trying to get into the body. That is why we must bring these 'errors' into the light so that the darkness cannot win us over. We know that we have already won the battle, but Satan is trying to win us over even though He is a defeated foe. Don't go down with Him. If I see an error, I will let you know. Keep an eye on Satan, because he is trying to drag us down. You can also take these issues to the Lord and He will deal with us, because the Lord will fight for us and we will overcome anything that Satan throws at us. If there is any errors or questions, pray about it and you will get your answer. Do not let yourself be deceived.

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