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   One thing that we must have is that we must know that we need God. Like the Laocidean church, they were trying to do it by themselves. A legalistic person always tries to do it by themselves. Those who try to do it by themselves climb up the ladder to nowhere. Christian should know that they are always in need of the Spirit and they will never be good enough, so they should quit trying. Sometimes, things get hard but if you pray to God, you no longer have to worry. The person who is humble is what Christ is after. This is a characteristic of many Christians. Righteousness will last forever, but wickedness dies off, so it is best to go in the path of righteousness. We should also be kind to each other. We need to be kind to others. The real purpose is fulfilling the Great Commission. We need each other to fulfill it. That is why we must show love to everyone. I am definitely not saying that we need to push people into Jesus, but we do need to have a good example. The Bible also says that we are to be perfect. Now, understand this. You cannot be perfect, but He does want you to be the best Christian example that you can be. All of the above characteristics are good characteristics to have.

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