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Walk by Faith

   Take Adam and Eve for example. At first, their eyes were closed and they trusted in the shepherd, God. They had faith is God. But when they sinned they opened their eyes, they saw their eyes opened. The point that I am making is that as Christians, we walk by faith and not by sight. A normal person walks by what they see, but the person who believes in Jesus trusts Him and lives by every word that He says. A Christian, not only needs to believe in Jesus, but trust in Jesus with their lives. A good idea may be to pray to the Lord and cease striving, because the way of the world focuses of self. A person with a Christ-life prays to God when they do not know the answer, but those who live in the world rely on their own personal instincts. Spiritual sight works better than human sight, because spiritual sight is from the kingdom of heaven. I am not saying that physical sight is no good, because you need to see certain things, but you do need your spiritual sight to discern certain things.

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