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Two Trees

   There were two trees in the Garden of Eden. They were the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of God of Evil. For Christians, you know that Adam and Even, both made bad decisions. They had their eyes closed and they trusted in the Father and they knew that they had nothing to worry about. If we simply trusted in Jesus Christ, we would have nothing to worry about. Now, the devil comes and tries to take it away from us. Just as he did a failed attempt on Jesus, he tries to attempt it with Eve. He suceeds. The devil shows Eve the world. The tree of knowledge of good and evil gave Adam and Eve their answers by eating its fruit. They knew that they were not supposed to eat of that tree. So, they committed sin. They both had their eyes closed and relied on God, but now, the devil has shown them the world! See, they could've eaten from the Tree of Life which is Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, but the Tree of Knowledge of Good And Evil is a worldly tree! The world and God are enemies! Since they ate the fruit of sin, they reaped the fruit of sin, which is bad consequences. So, the moral of the story is you have curses or you have blessings. Choose the right one.

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