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Not About You

   The Christian life is never about the person. It is about Christ. Christ supplies the individual with what they need. Satan is the god of this world. The truth about the Christian life is that it is not about you. Some Christians still live their lives as if it was all about them. The sin that is widely committed is pride. Pride says that the person can be god. It says that I can do whatever you want to and nobody can stop me. I sometimes start to realize that all sin is pride. It says that I will do things my way instead of God's way. We are a family all of the time. The thing is that many people go to church and act as a family and are a different person when they are outside. They are following the worldly policy of looking out for number one. The truth is, the world follows this policy. The world even teaches this policy. The world sometimes refuses to help those who are less fortunate and calls them 'hobos' or 'bums'. The truth is that we, as Christians, need to stop acting like the world and be Christians and be at church all the time. Now, this article is a generalization. A generalization doesn't include everyone. What I am saying is that everyone doesn't do this. But anyway, when it comes to the Christian religion, you are last place in this world, just as Jesus was. In the world, you are first, because they will welcome you because they believe that they are right in their believing. The world takes the broad path and not the narrow path. The philospohy of the world is that they always look out for number one, while Christians look out for everyone. The world is all about self; authentic Christians are all about Christ. That is why Christians are not about themselves. Christ must increase and the Christian must decrease. (John 3:30).

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