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I Surrender

   This article is all about surrenderring to Jesus Christ. So, why don't you? Jesus is a shepherd. He will take care of you. He knows the paths that you should go. We should trust Him. Even in Romans 12:1, we are encouraged to give ourselves to Him in Romans 12:1. We are also encouraged to give ourselves for our fellow family members and even God Himself. We are called to separate ourselves from Satan, the world, and religion. We are told to obey God. When you decide to surrender, you say that you choose to let go of yourself and let God have control of you. Self is the biggest enemy of God, because it contains the enemy known as 'pride'. Self says, "I can be God! I will have it my way or the highway!" That is what got Satan kicked out of heaven. Pride has no place in heaven. However, if you give yourselves to Him, that is how you get into heaven. Tell the Lord that you want to serve Him and choose Him to be your Savior. So, get rid of your self-life and enjoy the Christ-life. Those who choose the Christ-life do not have to worry because they just have to call on Christ when they need Him, and he will deliver them at the right time.

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