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   This comes from Matthew 25:31-46 and Proverbs 19:17 and the story of the Good Samaritan. Some of the examples of being destitute are hungry, thirsty, sick, or in prison. These are people who need us who can help them. If any person is in need then that proves that they are destitute. We are told to bear each others' burdens. We are told to love each others. There are more things that you can do for someone than feed them, give them water, visit them, or give them clothing. If you can help a person in need in any way, then the person whom you would have helped was destitute. Now, the Lord commands us to help the person in need, because if you don't He may not hear you if you are placed in that kind of position. He loves it when we help another because we are helping Him in the process. And when you help your fellow man, you are doing it for the Lord. Do not give money to a smoker or an alcoholic, because you and he will both get hurt. If you didn't know, then God understands, but do not cast your pearls before swine. You will only get hurt. And finally, when you give to the destitute, use your best judgment.

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