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Food and Drink

   We all need food and drink. Without food and drink, we will starve and eventually die. In addition, we need spiritual food and drink. This spiritual food and drink is Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ, we die spiritually and no one wants to be in that situation. When we feed from Jesus, we are receiving the truth. Since we are in our bodies, we must feed them. We need natural bread and spiritual bread. We need the Word of God. It is spiritual food. Those who believe in Jesus Christ have living water and living food because the living water and food is the same water and food which they have acquired from Jesus Christ. You cannot find this food and water at a church, you can only find it at Jesus Christ. If you want to grow, you must keep asking and persist in asking. Come to Him if you want this food or drink, because it is only He who can give it to you.

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