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   Baptism means immersion. Some people have thought it meant sprinkling water over the individual or dunking the individual completely. Some people do not practice water bapeism at all. Now, water batism has become a ritual, rite, or a sacrament. People have lost the true purpose of baptism. In the ritualistic baptism, many say that they need to be sent under the water and that is it. This is not what God has said. Some people use John 3:5 to backup their claims. Water and spirit are just two qualities of the Holy Spirit. If water had any power, then every ounce of water that we use would have some sort of magical qualities and every time that we drink water, we are being magically transformed. I don't think so! The purpose of baptism is that it is a symbol. It is a smybol of Christ's death and a symbol of the person going from the 'old man' to the 'new man'. Now, since water baptism is a symbol, it does not save, because all that Jesus wants from you is your heart. If you give Jesus your heart, then you will be saved. And if you make Him as Lord and Savior of you life, then and only then you will be saved.

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