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The Role of Jesus

   Jesus stands in the middle between God and man. He is also a doctor. Those who believe that they are righteous cannot see him, but the ill. If you are righteous or well, you have no need of a doctor. No man can be truly or fully righteous. He and the Holy Spirit advocate for us in front of God. They want the best for us. He is the shepherd. He wants to make sure that we don't fall off the right path. Without Him, we can't do anything right. The church is His wife and He is the church's husband. He has saved us from the law of sin and death. Without Him, we do not have to go to hell. We can enjoy heaven and the New Jerusalem in the future. He is our master. This is a point that many do not understand. Jesus is Savior and Jesus is Lord. Since He is not only Savior, nor only Lord, that means that we need to do as He says. The Lord is in charge. The Lord is in control. Realize that. IF you look in John 15, you will find that He is our friend if we obey Him. He doesn't say that we are sinners, sinners saved by grace, saints, saints who sin, but friends! Jesus says that we are his friends! Jesus is wonderful. If you do not have Jesus, you need to let go of yourself and hold on to Jesus. Just speak to him (He hears your heart.). Tell him that you want to serve Him. He will hear you. Just be sincere with what you are saying.

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