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Thought Life

   Sometimes, Satan likes to bother your thought life. If he cannot bother your physical, spiritual, nor your emotional life then he can mess with your mind. He can make you believe thing which are not really there. He can do many bad things with your mind. He can use the surface world against you. Satan can make his world look so real to you that he can trap you in it and send you straight to hell. Satan wants to give you his world. What is his world? Every time you sin. That is his world. Look at Eve. Satan gave her his world so that she took his world instead of God's. It's like this. We have a choice. Whose world do we choose? Do we choose God's world or Satan's world. In the end, you cannot have both. IF you choose both, then you are lukewarm. I'll tell you this. God doesn't like lukewarmness and if you are lukewarm at the end of time, then Jesus will let the devil have you. Now, back to the thought life. I find that two pieces of God's armor are best for fightest the issues of the mind. They are the belt of truth and the Sword of the Spirit. You know the truth so you can protect you mind for what the devil plants inside. You can pray to chase it away. You also have the Bible. Satan will try to mess with you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. And you need to come on top. And the way to do it is by relying on Jesus Christ. He will take you under his wing. Keep your thoughts free of Satan and you will be free to have God's work inside. Keep your head clear.

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