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Using Gifts

   Everyone has gifts and as I have stated elsewhere, there are more gifts than those that are listed in the Bible. Some gifts are not for you and some gifts are. You do not need to test them out. All that you need to do is ask the Lord and He will reveal them to you. Do not let any person take advantage of your gift nor say that you do not have the gift unless you have found that Satan has made it an outright lie. And the way that you can find this out is praying to God and finding out if the gift is authentically for you. Do not let any person swindle your gift from you. You may not think that this is possible, but it is. Some people who seem Christian, who are instead working for the devil will try to do this. Satan can do many dirty things. He can use people to or he can find a way to swindle God's gift from you. Also, beware of gift-centered pride. It can destroy you. You are no better than another even if you have many gifts or if you have one or none. It is just a gift and it doesn't make you any better than others. The truth is, that God is just using you to achieve His purposes. Now, I would like to address something called cessationalism. The thing is, that is uses late Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 13, and Ephesians 2:20 as references. It says that love is a better way, but there are gifts to. It was also designed to protect a person from false prophecy. It also says that the foundation is on the apostles and prophets. That doesn't say that the sign gifts stop. Anyway, God can give many gifts, but there is a thing called stewardship. It is the thing about minas or talents, depending on which Bible that you use. So, use your gift wisely. You will be rewarded!

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