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Christian Expectations

   As Christians, we are to obey what Christ says. If you love Him, you'll obey Him. Basically that says that we are to love Jesus with everything that we have and to love our neighbors in the same way that we love ourselves. We are also to try our best to abstain from sin. Sin hurts the sinner and everyone that is involved, if any. As Christians, we should try to be like Jesus. He is everyone's example that we need to look up to. Patience, humility, gentleness, and kindeness are four virtues are things that we need to cultivate. We also must die daily and die to ourselves. The more that we decrease is the more that the Lord increases in our lives. We cannot stay in bed all day or become couch potatoes but be occupied with something. Christians are not lazy. And finally, Jesus is the standard that we live by.

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