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The People

   Okay, the problem is not the church, the institution, the house church, the cell church, or the like, it is the people. The problem is that we don't know how to act. The god that we worship in the churches is religion The churches are used to doing things their own way, when the correct way of doing things is through Christ. People, we do need to get serious. Christ is in charge. There should be nor 'vicars of Christ', no 'pastor', no form of human hierachy in any form. There should be no laity nor clergy. As, a family, still no person can be above another, but there is parents and children. There could be a scenario where God can use a member of a laity and the clergy could reject it. Human authority blocks the path of God. If it is one thing that hurts the churches, it is the people. Now, the people are the stones, but not one stone is better than another. Each stone is valuable and needed in the same way. Or else, the building would fall down. And how do buildings crumble and fall? It is through foolishness? (That comes from Proverbs.) Also, it is not good that one person is working and the others are not functioning. The 'authority' becomes overloaded and the laity becomes under fed and unable to profit. So, both sides are being hurt. That is why there should be no person above another because humans are not perfect (Psalms 118:8) and incapable of showing power. If they want to have power, then they should be the example that Christ had. This is the leader in Christianity. This should be the kind of people in Christianity. And these are also the people who show light. Now, also, we need to be a family. Church should be 24-7-52-365. And we do not need to go to church, we are the church. We need to love each other. We need to stop fighting each other and love each other even though we have differences. Because, if we do not start loving each other, I'm afraid that things can go seriously wrong. So, let's be a family and love each other!

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