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Cease Striving

   Okay, there are things which you are able to do and the Lord know what they are. They are also things which you can't do, which you need the Lord to do. That is what this page is about. First, of all, you need to have faith in Jesus Christ in order to execute the ability to cease striving. When you cease striving, you do not depend from your natural strength. You depend from God. God will take care of the things which you lack. You come to Him when you need something. You cannot do everything by yourself. To say that you can is pride. As Christians, we need God and we have to learn to admit it. Tax collectors and harlots ate with Jesus and he said that the righteous did not need a doctor. So, if you think you are righteous, you don't need a doctor. We need God because we cannot do it by ourselves. Without God, we are simple dust. Also, sheep depend on the shepherd's rod to guide them. Sheep are lost without that guidance. Remember that.

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