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Don't Talk To Strangers?

   From our parents, we are told not to talk to strangers. They do iot for our protection. Sadly, it shows our lack of faith in God. It also destroys our lack of communcativity between each other. As a family, we must communicate between each other. We are supposed to be a family. Filters cannot build walls. Each person must build trust with each other. I honestly believe that the Lord's secret is found in the children. They are trusting and loving. We should trust too, because if anyone hurts us, the Lord will take vengeance. He does not say be afraid of people, but the Lord does say be afraid of the Lord, Himself. Now, when we are out in the world, e need to act as a Christian, so that they may see the light. If a stranger wonders about your 'light', answer Him. The answer is that we, Christians, need to be examples of Christ. Christ talked to starngers. He loved strangers, but He did not draw attention to Himself. He loved starngers. Do not worry about strangers. We were put here to help them and love them. Talk to strangers. Even under the old covenant, they talked to strangers and welcomed they as family. We need to show love to strangers. So, we cannot not talk to strangers, because if we don't, we miss an oppurtunity to help someone. But realize, there is a time to keep your mouth open and a time to keep it shut.

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