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The Outsiders

   Some people may not like this article. Why are people keeping the GLBTs, prostitutes, former criminals, and the like out of the church? THe goal is that we need to make these people into God's children and they are God's children. See them through God's eyes. I believe that He would say that He loves them but He does not like what they do. So, it is our job to help these people. We should not put the pressure on, but we should love them as God would. I don't like their behavior, either, but this is something that is the church's respomsibility. The Great Commission does not exclude them. Jesus ate with these kind of people. If you are so righteous, then Jesus would not eat with you. And don't forget that Jesus ate with the worst sinners. They considered Him a doctor because He cared for these people. So, why are people shutting off the people who are considered the untouchables in our society? I will say this, "they just don't care." The Lord loves these people and He expects you to love them in the same way. You can make a difference in their lives. So, you may say, they may hurt me. Well, the Lord says, "vengeance is Mine, I will repay." Just love these people who are considered outcasts. In fact, it is the church's job to help these people. So, love these people as if they were you. Pray for these people as a family. Also, be the best example of Jesus Christ that you can be and they will see this and be drawn to you. Remember, this person is a child of God who needs to be born again.

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