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Follow Him

   Jesus asked all of His twelve disciples to follow Him, including Judas Iscariot. He promised to make them fishers of men. In our language, that means that we fulfill the Graet Commission. That means that we brings as many souls to Christ as possible. Now, in order to make people fishers of men, I, honestly, say tracts are not the answer. Showing the people who walk in the darkness the light. That is the best witnessing tract that you could ever have. Now, when he says 'follow Him', He says follow Him. That is Jesus Christ. Right now, we don't see Jesus in human form, but we do know that Jesus is the Word. We do have the verbal plenary, inerrant Word of God, which is Jesus Christ, Himself (John 1). When you obey what Jesus said in the Bible, then you are following Him. He says in John 14:15, that if you love Him, you will obey Him. So, that means that each Christian needs to make Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. If you ask, Jesus will become Savior, but if you make Jesus Lord, then you do what He says. That is when He means when he says, "Follow Me". Follow the Word with your life. Do what it says and don't be a hearer only. If you do what it says, then you will benefit. The Lord is a path to life. Follow it.

   There may be people who say that they are Jesus in the future, but you will know Jesus by His example and sometimes, His voice. When in doubt, use the Bible. If something does not match, pray about it. There are also false teachers. Remember, the Bible still stands. And watch for this saying: "Follow me, as I follow Christ". Do not follow any person who says this. The reason is that the leader wants you to follow them just as they did in the Old Testament days. If you look at Psalms 118:8, you should not put trust in man as a leader. The Lord needs to be in charge. If there is any authority that a man has, then it needs to be an example.

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