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Where Do We Go?

   There are many types of churches. There is the contemporary one. There are also the house, cell, megachurch, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and the like. I believe that the church is a family. So, you ask me, "Where should I go?". Well, I believe that it is your choice. I believe that where you go must be a family atmosphere. I believe that the church must teach the verbal plenary, inerrant Bible. There should be no hierarchy in the place. In other words, no person should be over another. And finally, God must be able to move within the church. These are the worship places that you need to be looking for. If you cannot find these, try for second then third best. But even though you can't find them realize that these are the qualifications of what a church gathering should be like. Also, you and a few friends can gather in the Lord. That, also, can be church. But, most importantly, the church needs to be a family that is connected to each other and one that loves each other and one that operates in Jesus Christ.

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