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   Everyone must make choices. Every choice that you make has pros and cons. There is the choice that you make to follow Jesus. A pro is that you have life at the end. A con is that your nuclear family becomes second place. Each choice comes with consequences. A good choice usually yields good consequences. A bad choice yields bad consequences. In other words, you reap what you sow. Here is an example of a person who made nothing but good choices: Jesus. He became God's right hand man. Then there is the devil, who is the king of bad choices, will spend his life in the ultimate hell. Now, there are people who have made good and bad choices and have paid for them both:

   There was also King Mannaseh, who was full of bad deeds and get what? The results were disasterous! God hates evil. He made a choice to be evil. And when you make bad choices, there are bad consequences.

   We also have Enoch, in Genesis, who walked with the Lord and that was a right decision and it yielded right consequences, so the Lord took him home.

   What is a good choice that you can make? It is to make the Lord the Lord and Savior of your life. That is a good decision.

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