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The Ekklesia Church

   Okay, I have to go to church today! I'm running late! No, you aren't! We are the church. The Christians are the church! Look in the New Testament, you will find that the congregations were the church! Jesus was the foundation and we, of course, are the spiritual stones which form the walls. And since God is watching over us. I guess that God is the roof! We are the people who are chosen by God. God chose us, first. We chose Him second. We are a royal preisthood. We, the ekklesia, preach the message and show the light to those who are walking in darkness. We are a nation. We are the kingdom of the ekklesia. We are a family. We, as a family, should work together. As a family, we are a nation. As a family, we belong to God. As a family, we belong to Jesus, who ransomed us with His own life. So, what can we do for others? We can show them the light by being good examples to the world. In that way, people will see the light and come to us and become part of Jesus and part of the light.

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