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   Here is how abortion works. The baby is cut from the woman's body. Then the cut the baby's head open and vacuum the brains out. Then they toss the baby out as if it were trash.

   I am pro-life. I believe was happened when God said, "Do not murder." The baby is a life. The woman is a life. The best way to handle this problem is through prayer. Bombing an abortion clinic will not solve the problem nor criticizing the person. Love the women who go through it. Pray for them. Like Jesus said, let the first one who hasn't sin throw the first stone. Pray for these women, but do not hate them. Love them. Do not hate them. Treat them with love. In fact, treat anyone with love who has sinned! Pray for these people but do not cut them down. Treat them in the same way as if it was Jesus Christ loving you as if you had this issue.

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