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The Church

   The Greek word, εκκλησια, is the word for church. However, it means, 'the called out ones'. It comes from two Greek words, εκ, which means 'out' and καληω, which means 'to call' or 'to invite'. Now, the word for clergy, κλερως. means 'inheritance' an the word for laity is 'λαως', which means people. Now, the word 'κυριακως, means 'the Lord's house'.

   The church is not supposed to be a meeting. It is supposed to be a family of those called out to serve the Lord. It is not supposed to be a meeting every Sunday; it is supposed to be a meeting every day. The truth is that we, as Christians, need to be a family. But instead, we are fightiong like one. We are marketing these church buildings. Our division is nothing to laugh at either. We, Christians, are a big laughingstock because what people see in the Bible and what they see as 'Christian' do not match. Let's not hand out tracts and preach on corners. Let change how we act as Christians. We are not supposed to be perfect but at least we can show our light and love.

   Also, do we need to dress up at church or to at least see God at Sunday meeting? No! All that God requires is your heart. Do you think that God is going to judge you on what kind of clothing you will wear in front of Him? No! God wants our hearts, minds, and everything else!

   Now, as for baptism, water baptism is symbolic of the time that they baptized Jesus. It is symbolic. It will not make you more of a Christian. But when you give you heart to the Lord, then you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Greek word for baptism is βαπτιζω, which means 'to immmerse'. You, as a Christian, as baptized into a body of believers, which is the body of Christ.

   Now, for authority. Now, person is above another. If any authority, we mutually submit to each other. The body supports each of its members. No person is above another. The problem is, that if another human claims higher authority, then you have possibllity of error. Humans aren't perfect. The truth is, we need each other. The trustworthy authority only comes from the Lord. If you want to be an authority, then be an example and don't brag an exercise anything.

   Now, as for gifts. The Penecostal church is real big on them, but I am not trying to put them down. We should not make gifts the focal point of our lives. God should come first. Also, I want you to know the in do believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, but I do believe that it may be possible that there could be more gifts than those listed in the Bible. Now, anything that you can do can be a gift. We should thank God for our gifts.

   Well, that is my view on the church. It is centered on God but we should be a family. We need each other. We are not an insititution or a building, but we are a spiritual house and inside its walls is the body of Christ.

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