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You Are Special!

   The truth is that God loves you. He knows that you are special! THat is why He created you. He foreknew you! Do you know why God is a jealous God? That is because He wants the best for you! He wants you to accept what Jesus has for you! He wants you to live the best life that he has set before you! He wants to to live the life that is going to be eternal. He doesn't want you to belong to Satan! He wants you. He wants all of you. That is one amazing father! He thinks highly of you. He loves you! He wants your heart! Give it to him! He loves you! You are precious in His eyes. Follow someone who loves you. He will take care of you. He even lay down His life for you so that you would not be miserable when you pass away. Isn't He great? He did this for you! You must be special in His eyes if he did this for you. Look at it this way: God chose to do this for you! He does not have to do anything for us. That proves that God things your special in his eyes. He loves you as His child. You are special! Don't forget it. God loves you. Remember that.

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