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Entering the Kingdom

   To enter the kingdom. You must know that you are less than Jesus. You surrender yourself to Jesus. You are less than Jesus. Do not become more. Satan tried to be more than God. He failed and was kicked out of heaven. Pride is a sin. It will hurt you. If you want to be great in the kingdom of heaven, you must become as a servant. Your position on earth is the opposite of the one on heaven. You are also sorry for your sins. You don't just be sorry or apologize. You are sorry by godly sorrow. You are sorry that you have offended the Lord because the Lord is so God. The person must have a contrite and humble heart. To believe is to believe what the Word says and have faith in Jesus, who is the Word. When you believe in Jesus, you have faith in Him. In other words, you believe the Word, because Jesus is the Word. The Word is not just reading material. We need to take it seriously. God will give you grace based on the condition of your heart and the motive of your heart and the question will be, "do you love Him?" and you will answer by the condition of your heart. If you are in the Book of Life, you will go. Check out John 14:15. If you love Him, you will obey Him. And you love Him and obey Him with your heart and the motives of your heart. To cultivate this, pray about it.

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