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Authentic Christian Example

   The Christian should be humble and lowly. As in John, the Christian is decreasing and Christ is increasing. In Proverbs, it says that there is humility before honor. So, they way up is the way down. The servant is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. The Christian is godly sorry for his sins. This isn't just saying, "I'm sorry." or "I apologize.", it is trying you best to change the action or provide restitution, if necessary. Also, there is a need for repentance. Repentance is trying to make a change trying to never repeat the action again or promising to not be a dog who goes after its own vomit. Paul said that we need to pray without ceasing. He also said that we have to cease striving and let the Lord handle our hardships. We need to recognize the power of adversity. It only strengthens us. Now, as Christians, we need to recognize to we are despised by the world and we need to help the world. We need to be in, but not of the world. And it is our job to show the world the light, so that the darkness can come into it. So, keep it real!

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